In this post, we will try to share as much interesting information as possible for Karol Tibba Trek 🙂

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September 27, 2018

A beautiful day at Karol Tibba trek. Video recorded during 23rd September batch

Karol Tibba trek

It was a day well spent for team of CHC Consulting, Asia Pacific. 
A refreshing experience as narrated to us by the HR, it was a well needed break from their usual busy lifestyles.

Karol Tibba Trek

During pre monsoons, we had organized single day trek to Karol Tibba near Solan for future stars from Alliance International School near Chandigarh.
Throughout the trek, students were in jubilant mood as it was a different kind of outing for them. 
On the way, we also organized team building and leadership enhancing activities for them.

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