In this post, we will try to share as much interesting information as possible for Beas Kund Trek near Manali 🙂

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Wooden bridge at Dhundi, starting point of Beas Kund trek

A wooden bridge connecting Dhundi with trekking route of Beas Kund. This bridge is at the starting of the trek. There is one more bridge that one needs to cross to reach Bhakarthatch. Apart from that there is a river crossing too, which needs to be crossing by stepping on to the boulders in river.

Beas Kund Trek

Nature’s way of welcoming us!
Photograph clicked at Dhundi, starting point of Beas Kund trek near Manali

Beas Kund Trek

Sometimes it difficult to capture the essence of a place due to its enormity.
This is one such place. Beas Kund is surrounded by huge towering mountains of middle Himalayas.
But it is difficult to show the mammoth size of complete range through photographs. This picture depicts the massive range to an extent. 
Photograph taken during our May batch of Beas Kund trek this year. Trekkers are in jubilant mood on reaching the destination 

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