“Mountains are calling and I must go”

John Muir, one of famous Naturalist of 19th century, who gave this quote would probably have been thinking about invigorating paths, soothing fresh air, rich flora and fauna, and the scenic mountains.

These all precious things can be perfectly experienced while trekking. But there are an infinite number of health benefits too which you can acquire apart from the alluring journey.

Below are some of the health benefits:

  1. Makes Your Heart Strong: Trekking involves covering large distances and varying altitudes which make our heart pump harder to keep up with the oxygen levels. It increases the blood flow to our muscles and the brain. While walking on uneven mountain topographies, the heart pumps the blood vigorously and thus assists in building cardiac muscles.
  1. Cleanse Your Lungs: Adulteration in air of cities makes lungs unhealthy if inhaled for long time. So, trekking gives you the chance to take a break from crowded cities with polluted air and experience the rich flora with scenic mountains and most importantly; fresh air. The fresh air will have relaxing effect on lungs and you’ll feel healthier.

 Health benefits of Trekking

  1. Relives Stress: Remember the scenery you used to draw in the childhood? Refreshing it was. Isn’t it? Trekking gives you a chance to experience those magical scenes in real and believe me; the alluring effect will take your stress away like steam from boiling water. Trekking makes your body to release endorphins, which are known to make you happy and it improves the functioning of the brain.


  1. Makes more Focused: Trekking is an activity which is done on various topographies, often challenging ones. You have to prepare your mind to face the challenges which will make you more focused. Trekking in Himalayas especially connects you with spirituality as every destination has some associated beliefs and sentiments of the locals. When you allow yourself to get soaked in beliefs and stories of a location, the spiritual power will instill positive vibes in you which would make you cool, calm, focused and satisfied.


  1. Helps in losing weight: Trekking requires walking fairly long distances on steep hills, sometimes up and down the hills with a heavy backpack. It also includes light sprints and dodging here and there. These all things shed up the extra fat and your weight will reduce significantly.

 Trekking through steep sections

  1. Provides agility to muscles: Trekking on any challenging topography be it Himalayas or anywhere, gives your muscles a tough time. Trekking is one of the unique activities that undoubtedly leads to exercising of each and every muscle in the body, from the head to toe. As a result, your muscles turn strong and flexible.

 Trekking involves walking on uneven surfaces

  1. An interesting workout: Workout in gym becomes monotonous after some time. Running on same cardiovascular machines turn boring over a period of time. This is where trekking scores over the rest. In search of beautiful terrains, stunning views and huge towering mountains, you don’t even know but subconsciously your body has done a workout. So it gives an entirely different aspect to a workout which results in cardiovascular gain as well as muscular strength.


  1. Improvement as a whole: Trekking improves you as a whole, be it is physical or mental. Trekking makes you do cardio intervals which include short bursts of exertion. Let’s imagine a scenario, where you have 5 minutes and you want to do 3 different activities according to part of body these impact. For 2 minutes; you sprint, for another 2 minutes; cycling, and last 1 minute for squats. While trekking with a rucksack you encounter many situations where different muscles of the body are used and that unknowingly improves your overall physical strength. Coming to mind part, trekking helps to relieve stress, makes you more focused and instill positive vibes which improves the mental balance also. If done regularly, trekking will groom you as a better person for the rest of your life.

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March 11, 2018
Thank you very much about this blog.
March 7, 2018
I'm glad you talked about the benefit of trekking to the lungs because you're able to take a break from the crowded city and breath fresh air. My fiance and I are planning to do some trekking in the mountains and parks this weekend, and it's good to know that the fresh air will have a relaxing effect on lungs and I'll feel healthier. Thanks for the advice!

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